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Garrulus consulting is a flexible structure firmly rooted in the field. Our service is aimed at private or public operators specialised or working with the following sectors:
management, development, flow management (freight, passengers, services), supply-chain management, exploitation of complex transport infrastructures, use of heavy machinery for the transformation or raw materials, managing the impact of the above sectors on the direct and indirect environment.

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The approach that Garrulus consulting proposes integrates 3 new complementary dimensions:

The best economic road

Looking for the best economic performance and optimisation of capital and resources invested,
Promotion and development everywhere

● Promotion and development of the capacity and potential for innovation of an organisation and of the men and women involved,
Sustainable development on the road

● Introduction of the principles of Sustainable Development and their implementation via concrete action, adapted to the limits and opportunities the organisation meets in the field.


Garrulus Consulting is partner of the Agencies  . . . 
Logo Club d'affaires Franco-ItalienFRANCO-ITALIAN BUSINESS CLUB - 1901 association nonprofit purpose.
Our goal is to promote economic and cultural relations between companies in Midi-Pyrenees and Italian companies, as well as highlight and emphasizing the Italian presence in the local economy.


Nicolas Rogier

Garrulus consulting is managed by Nicolas Rogier (Master IAE, Master in Sustainable Development Innovation - EUROMED, Ecole Centrale Marseille) born in France in 1962.

For 15 years he worked for the development of organisations such as DHL, KRONENBOURG BREWERIES, REDUR. Here he acquired an extensive knowledge of the constraints of specialised markets for which supply-chain management, quality of information systems management and the adaptability of the teams involved present issues that require specific expertise.

At the beginning of the 90s, during EXPO92 in Seville, Spain, he founded an agency specialised in the development of green tourism taking into account the negative aspects of transport.

At the same time, he worked for several European companies wanting to revitalise traditional knowledge and technologies (textile, furniture, food).

At the beginning of his career, he has held commercial duties and management duties in several SMEs.

He speaks English, French and Spanish.


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