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Garrulus consulting acts with professionalism, discretion and integrity under all circumstances. We keep a critical and objective view in all missions, operate seriously and keep to the highest standards of quality.

Garrulus consulting reserves the right to refuse any mission that may lead to a conflict of interests with our clients.

For each mission, its nature and objectives as well as the fees to be incurred will be defined in a written contract.

The trust our clients have in us is our greatest asset. Our internal procedures are devised to assure both the confidentiality of all information entrusted to us and that the advice and opinions given be completely impartial and independent.

Garrulus consulting remains also careful of favoring in his steps and his interventions the emergency and the materialization of the principles of the sustainable development.

Garrulus consulting may need to call upon the partnership with other comparable and referenced consultancies. Should this be the case, Garrulus consulting will inform the client with complete transparency.

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