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Companies, like the areas in which they operate and those who govern them, are facing a challenge today. In order to ensure the motivation and commitment of their partners to their development they must be able to anticipate future needs and maintain a high level of innovation as well as incorporate common sense to their projects.

The organisations that trust Garrulus Consulting are:

  • Specialized European distributors

  • Road carriers, Logisticians, freight carriers

  • Tour operators, fleet management specialists

  • Handling, repair, processing operators

  • Industrial companies, importers, small or medium sized private owned distribution companies

  • Public infrastructure operators

  • Territories concerned by transport (regions of road transit, ports, hubs and logistics warehouses, multimodal platforms, areas with complex geographical constraints, border areas, etc.)

  • Surveying, engineering and consulting agencies

Our large operational experience in European countries and in the Mediterranean area gives us the competences necessary to operate in a wide variety of areas that are both geographically and culturally diverse. We can provide a highly flexible service that is adapted, to your specific needs.


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