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Summary - (2) Innovation - (3) Sustainable Development

(1) Maximise performance

Consolidate the mainframe of an organisation. Bring out the best performance. Optimise assets. This is what Garrulus Consulting offers through adapted coaching.

Define priorities

  • Help the executive and management teams by defining the domains for improvement and optimisation of performance

  • Define the methodology best adapted to the field, the cultural environment and economic context

  • Methodological assistance for supply chain optimisation

Performance optimisation of operational assets

  • Situation diagnostics

  • Survey and validation of purchasing organization schemes

  • Survey and implementation of distribution network optimization schemes

  • Tenders, choice of supplier

  • Development and execution of operational coaching plans, Training

Sales performance optimisation

  • Critical situation analysis

  • Development and execution of operational coaching programmes. Training (in the field, telesales, back office)

  • Monitoring of sales activity

  • Development and execution of CRM solutions

Coaching during projects for company certification (distribution, transport, logistics)

  • Help mobilising the operational teams around central and complex projects

  • Preparation for conformity to ISO standards or other specific industry standards

  • Internal audits to aid preparation

Maximiser la performance

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Maximise performance
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Summary - (2) Innovation - (3) Sustainable Development

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