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Summary - (1) Performance - (3) Sustainable Development

(2) Expressing innovation

Garrulus consulting helps companies branch out into new sectors (competences, knowledge, technologies) and in the development of the creative potential of the men and women involved.

Assistance running innovative projects

  • Facilitate the preparation and application of multicultural projects

  • "Cross fertilisation"

  • How to transport less?

  • How to promote online services that are less energy consuming?

  • Promote the revival of traditional knowledge

Assistance for directors of small and medium businesses

  • Succession plans

  • Evaluation of intangible assets of a company

  • Development of a horizontal management structure: importance of the personalised coaching of individuals

Company security

  • Risk assessment and analysis

  • Learn how to take risks

  • Protection of activities and intellectual property


  • The importance of the development of towns and cities as well as industrial and commercial zones

  • The future of optimodality in Europe (development of sea routes in the Mediterranean)

  • Research on the flow of transport and freight and impacts on demography

Expression de l'innovation



To increase our potential of innovation, let's put our brains in network!

Garrulus Consulting is partner of the Consulting Agencies  . . .

Vignette de TRI AdTRI AD COMMUNICATIONS, communications agency - consulting and communication of crisis - Tours
TRI AD COMMUNICATIONS, communications agency in Tours, assists you in listening, the awareness and the stand back. We are at your side to guide you in your approach of the communication in the long-term.

Vignette de BoucletikBOUCLETIK, Consultant and Advice Agency and engineering in the field of sustainable development
BOUCLETIK undertakes to answer since the analysis of a situation until the setting-up of appropriate solutions for the integration of sustainable development in enterprises by assessing the consequences and effects, identifying leads and means of action, for what costs and what benefits.


70% of company turnover comes from products that are less than 5 years old

80% of products sold via large distribution centres last less than 12 months

The commercial life of a car has gone from 15 years to 6.5 years over the last 10 years

70% of products are reproduced rather than reused

36 billion e-mails per day sent in 2005

80% of company decisions are based on non structured information

90% of information companies need is available for free


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