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Summary - (1) Performance - (2) Innovation

(3) Integrate sustainable development into the strategy

Introduce the key principles and directives to company strategy and its execution in a pragmatic and ambitious way.

Environmental management models

  • Assistance on projects for ISO14001 certification

  • Monitoring of evolution in regulations (EU, national, local, market specific)

  • Specific programmes for local government organisations.

Bilan carbone

Carbon footprint

  • Audit, definition and execution of projects to reduce greenhouse gases

  • ADEME / MEEDDAT approved method

Integrating "alternative" criteria into the management strategy

  • Development of cleaner means of transport

  • Recommendations of the choice of suppliers based on criteria for sustainable development

  • Transport and business trips: reaching the best mix of cost vs environmental impact

  • How to optimise managers and sales staff travel (fleet management)

  • Integrating bio-design and its impacts on biodiversity

Développement durable



via appia

Bilan Carbone Companies "Quantify emissions, anticipate action"

Click here to download the PDF file.

ADEME Bilan Carbone

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